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Website Launch! + Updates

Hi all! Welcome to my website about my music/sound ethnographic work! Please surf around and have fun! :P

I'm quite busy these days! (as usual :P) I'm going to do some fieldwork at the June 4th Vigil this year (as usual, too :P). This year is the 30th anniversary of the June 4 Massacre, also a very difficult year for Hong Kong and people in the city as the HK government is proposing the extradition arrangements with China. Following the June 4 Vigil, there will be several demonstrations in the city protesting against the proposed extradition law. That means I will be super busy for doing fieldwork! But I think I really enjoy going to the field and writing about Hong Kong's sounds (both academically and non-academically). I think, it is because Hong Kong is my HOME. :)

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