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2020 New Year's March @ Hong Kong Island

[2020 Jan 1] What a first day of the New Year and new decade for Hongkongers. Over a million of people took to the street again and I went out for my research projects as usual. After setting up the set of mini mobile Lennon Walls near Chater Garden in Central, I rushed to Tin Hau to join the crowd. I was waiting to get into Victoria Park with thousands of Hongkongers around me. Three hours, we waited three hours in Tin Hau station and outside Victoria Park and then we received a message that Hong Kong Police Force suddenly and forcefully ended the peaceful and lawful demonstration. The New Year protest has opened up a possibly tough 2020–a year that people in Hong Kong will have to continue the fight.

Photo credit: Beta

Photographer: myself

Photo credit: Samuel

Photo credit: Ivan

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