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Sound Installation @ Penn Museum

[12.8 Global Protests for Hong Kong] For those who cannot attend the human rights march in Hong Kong or New York today (December 8th), you may consider coming to my sound installation—Stand With Hong Kong: Sounding Pain and Roar in Hong Kong’s Protests. *Public section* for the installation opens from 1:30 PM, at The Mosaic Hall in Penn Museum, Philadelphia (you may consider to get in from the East Entrance of the Museum). Opening until 5:45 PM today!

PS. Was working overnight (again) and went to bed for a very short sleep at 8 AM this morning and wake up at 9:30 AM—having this exhibition in this afternoon and another paper due this morning 😬😬. This time I have eight Wall towers in total--the largest set I've ever had!

Remark: All poster art pieces are designed by anonymous Hongkongers. They upload their work online for others to print the posters and put them on Lennon Walls across local districts and global cities.

#SoundInstallation #EthnomusicologyAndActivism #AudioEthnography #FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong

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