• Winnie W. C. Lai

Sound Installation @ Yale

I am glad to participate in the Yale Music grad symposium “Sounding Spaces” to share voices and sounds of HK protests! I am here for two things: 1. To present my paper “Sonic Activism Against the Tear Gas: Hongkonger’s Raging Roars and Sound Acts”and 2. To exhibit my sound installation “Stand With Hong Kong: Sounding Pain and Roar Through the Lennon Walls, Sound Art Installation” on Leap Day!

I am very glad to once again share the sounding mobile Lennon Walls (an updated version) with academics and people overseas. This installation allows protestors and Hongkongers’ voices to be heard. It is also a protest space for Hong Kong! Thank you,#YaleMusic! #PennMusic #PennPhD #Activist(Ethno)musicologist #HKProtests #FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong

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