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Mobile Lennon Walls @ Sai Ying Pun

[12.22 Mobile Lennon Walls] Hi Sai Ying Pun District and Island West friends, I am at "佳節樂聚西營盤 Sai Yuen Lane Street Fair #xmas2019SYP" from 4 PM to 6 PM with my mobile Lennon Walls to collect messages from Hongkongers! Please come and write your wishes about the coming-year-HK and any words/your feelings about the on-going protests! All written messages will be displayed in the new version of my Lennon Walls sound installation, which will be exhibited at Yale in February and possibly at other venues in the US!

西營盤及港島西街坊,今個星期日、下午四至六時我帶同流動連儂牆在社區活動 佳節樂聚西營盤 Sai Yuen Lane Street Fair #xmas2019SYP 擺放,收集香港人的聲音,請把你們的新年願望和這個在抗爭運動的期望/感受/想法都寫在便利貼上。這些便利貼都會運到美國,準備我下一個連儂牆聲音藝術展覽:二月份將會在耶魯大學展出,亦可能會在其他美國地區展出。

^Trying to "move" the mobile Lennon Walls from the US to Hong Kong--Let me bring the memo sticky notes written by people I encountered in Switzerland and the US to Hongkongers! (2019 Dec 16 EST)

^Rebuilding the Walls in Hong Kong! (2019 Dec 21)

^Here the Walls are! Glad that Hongkongers are happy to see messages written by people in other cities!

#MobileLennonWalls #EthnomusicologyAndActivism #Ethnography #FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong

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